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Cayman International School’s Arts and Recreation Center Now Boasts Largest Rooftop Solar System in Cayman

Cayman Solar Complete's Largest Rooftop Solar Installation in Cayman While much of the globe prepares for Christmas and enjoys the snowy season of winter, Cayman International School is excited to unveil a very sunshine-filled landmark. Thanks to the engineering, design, and build work by Cayman Solar, the school’s Arts and Recreation Center is now home [...]

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Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert

极品斗地主Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert Guaranteed electricity savings, reduced carbon footprints, and predictable payback periods – these are the primary benefits of solar energy. But there are 3 common problems that may disrupt your ability to provide these benefits to customers: Shoddy workmanship Inferior parts Delayed delivery As the Caribbean [...]

极品斗地主Cayman Solar to put in Island’s Largest PV System

Cayman Solar to put in Island's Largest PV System Georgetown, Grand Cayman May 25, 2014 - This week Cayman Solar began installing what will be the single largest rooftop solar PV system in The Cayman Islands。 Cayman Solar is a professional commercial solar contractor that serves the Caribbean Solar Energy Market and is currently installing the largest [。。。]

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