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Solar Installation in Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands Solar Installation Services from Cayman Solar began in 2009 when Cayman Solar Director Ray Johnson was contracted to build the largest residential solar PV energy systems on the East End of Grand Cayman Island.

This solar installation was the 2nd CUC CORE FIT program approved system and it remains the finest hurricane hardened high energy output systems on island.

The home owner has made more money making energy than they consume through the CUC CORE FIT Program meaning they have not paid a CUC bill since 2009.  

The system has been very well maintained and it still appears new while similar systems build before and after have not lasted as well in the Cayman salty air because of the superior material selection specifically engineered for the Cayman Island location – right on the ocean!

solar installation with stainless steelAll Cayman Islands Solar Installation Services must include proper material selection as this has proven to be the most important aspect of any solar installation project in the Cayman Islands because most properties lie within a few hundred meters from the ocean.  

All Cayman Islands Solar Installation Services and projects come with marine grade stainless steel and T6061 Aluminum due to the constant salty moist ocean air will corrode commonly used solar energy components in a matter of months.

Cayman Solar Professional Services

Cayman Solar was awarded a USSolar dealer license in 2009 and a branch office was established. Since then Cayman Solar has become the largest commercial dedicated solar contractor in the Cayman Islands as well as the oldest dedicated solar energy company in the nation. With over 1 megawatt of proven commercial, hospitality and institutional solar power installed Cayman Solar installations represent over 25% of all solar energy capacity installed in the country.

Currently Cayman Solar manages the operation and maintenance of solar energy systems producing over 5,000 kWhrs every day. That is enough energy to power over 125 households daily.

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