Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert

Guaranteed electricity savings, reduced carbon footprints, and predictable payback periods – these are the primary benefits of solar energy.

But there are 3 common problems that may disrupt your ability to provide these benefits to customers:Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert

  1. Shoddy workmanship

  2. Inferior parts

  3. Delayed delivery

As the Caribbean solar exporting expert, we at US Solar have worked very hard to reduce all 3 of these challenges.

To increase workmanship quality throughout the Caribbean, we’ve expanded our Department of Education-licensed solar PV training courses. Soon you can now become certified in a few short weeks with the addition of a massive range of online courses plus we are opening branch campuses in other countries in order to put our program closer to where the education is needed most.
To improve the quality of installations, we’ve launched a range of Made in the USA pre-engineered solar PV systems specifically designed for the Caribbean climate (learn more here).

This article describes some of the improvements we’ve made to the delivery of our award-winning solar PV systems.

US Solar Systems for the Caribbean – Always on Time and in Stock

US Solar, maintains the largest inventory of solar components throughout the entire Caribbean and Latin America. And this is why Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert to provide weekly shipments of our pre-engineered solar PV packages to the following countries:Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert

  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • The Cayman Islands
  • The Bahamas
  • The US Virgin Islands


The unmatched size and availability of our inventory mean that you save both money and time:

You pay lower costs, fewer fees and less surcharges at Cayman Solar/US Solar because all shipments come from within the Caribbean – instead of from New York, California, or China. You also carry fewer costs by never having to delay projects. Because our inventory is always in stock, you can complete more installations per unit of time.

What US Solar Pre-Engineered Systems Do We Export?

We offer a range of wholesale, retail, and pre-engineered solar PV systems for projects of all shapes and sizes.

These systems include:

  • DIY solar kits for businesses and homes

  • Engineering services and parts for commercial and industrial clients

  • Pre-engineered solar PV packages for hotels and hospitality partners

  • Complete turnkey solar PV solutions for hospitals and municipal organizations

Access to high quality components designed for the Caribbean market is only part of the US Solar advantage. We also provide unparalleled support for all of the offerings within our product line:

  • All parts come with comprehensive customer support services

  • Door-to-door delivery – for solar PV projects of all shapes and sizes

  • Overnight emergency services and

  • Factory direct service technicians for SolarEdge and SnapNrack equipment

US Solar the Caribbean Solar Expert Helps by Reducing PV Installation Costs, Time, and Frustration

Why pay a premium for solar PV components that weren’t designed for the Caribbean market and must be shipped from miles away? Remove the guesswork from your solar installations and increase the long-term value that you provide to your customers.

Our solar PV components are competitively priced, always in stock, and designed specifically to overcome the unique challenges of the Caribbean climate Not China!

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Cayman Solar Joins US Solar the Caribbean Solar Exporting Expert and now you can enjoy the savings right here in the Cayman Islands too!

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