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CUC CORE FIT Solar SystemsAll Cayman Solar (A Licensed US Solar Dealer) CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems called “solar kits” produce the highest energy production regardless of sun, wind or shade because they are specifically designed for hurricane force winds, salty air and high humidity conditions of the Tropics.

Cayman Solar packaged solar systems and solar kits are simply the best way to get everything you need to Go Solar in one complete package with worldwide shipments done daily.


Qualified Dealers, Installers and Companies can purchase these systems in Grand Cayman today!


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The exclusive architecture of Cayman Solar’s CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems is provided by SolarEdge, Enphase or SMA Inverters with panels and mounting systems all made in the USA.  Because Cayman Solar is a US Solar Dealer we enjoy Factory Direct Distributor, Installer and Service status in order to provide the finest complete solutions certain to be the best price, service and technical support anywhere in the Cayman Islands.

We also sell most leading Inverters, panels and solar panel mounting equipment at the lowest price to qualified dealers, installers and resellers.

Our  with the leading solar energy manufactures around the world means your equipment can be procured and designed by the professional engineers at US Solar who have built thousands of systems proven in the hurricane prone regions of the US, Florida, Cayman as well as The Caribbean and Central American markets.

Industry leading 5/12/25 year warranties on All Cayman Solar CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems are backed by USSolar the regions most respected and Inc Magazine 2016 Top US ranked solar company.

Of course if all you need is a few solar panels or solar energy equipment part we will beat any other competitor so call Cayman Solar today for all your Solar parts orders!

Cayman Solar Packages Provide Everything but the Sunshine!


Our CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems have components made of 100% stainless steel, aluminum and copper specifically selected to last and survive in salty hurricane prone regions.

When you live in places where there are no solar or electrical supply houses you need to buy everything you need from people who understand complex off grid solar energy systems.  Many companies sell solar but, Cayman Solar knows how to build systems that last in the Tropical Cayman Breezes.

Cayman Solar provides complete racking systems that have specifically been designed to ASCE 7 10 standards for wind conditions as high as 180 MPH. This is the strongest standard for hurricane wind construction in the world.  We offer complete solar panel racking systems in  easy to install and design three, four and five panel packages that allows for almost unlimited configurations for any sized system.

Included in our CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems you may select specific structural attachments for shingle, tile, concrete, clay tile or metal roofing.  Flexibility in roof type selections and all components you need made of 100% aluminum and stainless steel means you get the highest quality at the best value in the world – right here in Cayman! 

All CUC CORE FIT Solar Systems come with US made Solar panels that are built with marine grade sealants, are salt spray tested for longevity and best of all are tested for winds up to 204 MPH with impact rating over 5,400 Pa (55 psi). High performance mono and poly silicon cells provide some of the highest solar PV energy output on the market and have been especially manufactured to withstand near equatorial sun light and extreme high temperature experienced in Florida, Cayman and The Caribbean.

Cayman Solar provides Industry Leading Warrantee!

Cayman Solar provides the longest factory warranties in the industry for all of our packaged solar systems.  Included in our warranted equipment:


  • All panels are backed with industry leading 25 year warranties from the world’s largest and USA’s best solar panel manufactures.


  • Inverters with industry leading 12 years with an additional 12 years for a small fee.


  • Racking and rails come with a 5 year finish and 25 year corrosion warrantee.


State of The Art Solar Energy System Monitoring Free From Your Smart Phone Too!

Cayman Solar provides state of the art monitoring systems that allow you to keep minute by minute solar system monitoring and unlimited data logging.  Choose hard wire or wireless interfaces that work on Apple, PC, Tablets and even Smart Phones!



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