The (CREF) 2014 was filled with inspirational conversation, valuable education, and broadened perspectives. Three days of presentations, panels, and conversations covered a multitude of different topics in the renewable energy world, but a strong re-occurring theme was certainly obvious: Education.

Solar Education

In a time when the Caribbean energy market is beginning to be recognized as a true “hub” of renewable energy, the importance of education is becoming increasingly evident. From policy-makers, to engineers, to the local workforce and everyone else in-between, the quality of the education that they receive will largely determine the quality of the renewable energy initiatives that are being pursued and the rate at which they become efficient and effective.

The key word in that statement is “quality”. As an education provider to the solar professionals in the Caribbean, has repeatedly shown their dedication to continuing to develop and provide the best, and most relevant, solar education available.

Unlike other solar training schools, USSI possess the highest credentials in the industry and provide pathways for both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and NABCEP testing for personal certification.  USSI is a licensed Department of Education Vocational College and provide a Diploma in Photovoltaics (one of the very few in the world).  Only US Solar Institute provides these recognized certifications in the solar energy industry and every course is expertly facilitated by master instructors in the field.

The continued growth and success of renewable energy in the Caribbean will depend on the availability of these educational resources. USSI remains dedicated to this task! The conversations at CREF served as both a reminder and an encouragement; education truly is the foundation and the future of renewable energy.

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