Take PV101 Online Solar Course with the Caribbean leading Solar Training College The USSolar Institute.  

PV101 OnlineTake PV101 Online Solar Course and you will learn the basics of solar energy and its history, policies and terminology to begin your journey of understanding how you too can harness the sun’s energy for cheap reliable energy.

If you are looking for Solar PV training to find a solar job in the ever-expanding PV and renewable energy market, or you simply want to understand the emerging photovoltaic and solar energy market, then Take PV101 Online Solar Course titles: Photovoltaic Fundamentals. It is the first step to increase your green literacy in the basics of solar power and solar energy.

You will find yourself comfortable with the basics of PV electricity, market factors, types of solar energy systems, fun facts and history of solar power when you Take PV101 Online Solar Course. This online entry-level course is a pre requisite for our next level of PV education and training provided in our very popular five-day  intensive course.

Start your solar career Today with US Solar Institute’s !

PV-101 Topics include:

  • Basics of electricity
  • Series and Parallel circuits
  • Solar power systems and their main components
  • Difference between grid tied and off grid systems
  • Understanding demand side energy consumption and how to perform a simple energy audit
  • Market Factors including Franchise Utility Law, Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA), Feed In Tariffs (FIT) and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
  • History of solar power through time

NOTE: This class is a mandatory prerequisite for USSolar Institute’s .

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